Post-Acceptance of the Mark - HORRIBLE TRUTH about Irony of God - Slowly Burning on Earth before the FINAL DESCENT into the Lake of Fire

May 30, 2007

Russia's Vladimir vs. Illuminati's Glasgow: zombies can't feel the winds of fire blowing into the powder keg

Russia's Vladimir vs. Illuminati's Glasgow: zombies can't feel the winds of fire blowing into the powder keg

Russia's Vladimir - simply the most amazing HEAT record ever.
Click on History and after on Current Weather. Any climatologist or sun scientist would tell you until three days ago this is NOT possible.

Vladimir - Maximum
What was the highest May temperature ever measured in the world at this latitude or above until three days ago, the day of the Holy Spirit 2007?
Hint 1: until May 31 2000, during stage one of climate change, it was 29.2° C (below 84° F). That day recorded 30°C exactly (86° F).
Hint 2: During stage TWO of climate change, that record was only very slightly improved, in May 2005...

Vladimir - Minimum
May 29, 2007: Vladimir has higher minimum temperature than anywhere else in Europe except for ...

Vladimir, Russia vs. Glasgow, Scotland: 1 + 1 = ...
Vladimir Lat: 56°07'01"N, Lon: 40°21'00"E 170m. Latitude of Glasgow, Scotland.
Wait a moment... minimum of Vladimir this day is higher than the maximum of Glasgow in May 2007 (click history)
BTW, what is the horrible truth why stage 2 and 3 came and yet the Glasgow May temperature record from 1992 (26°C) was never broken?

The Answer
Glasgow vs. Vladimir = Sun closing in + Gulf Stream going away, or ...
The *** THREE stages of Climate Change *** - revealed worldwide first by Matt Marriott

1 + 1 or Vladimir vs. Glasgow, also equals symbology for Illuminati End Times.
Good... the words of the Great King ressuscitated the day of the Holy Spirit - but zombies can't feel the winds of fire blowing into the powder keg...
... vs.
Evil, before the final descent.

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May 29, 2007

GULF STREAM TOOK A DIVE **BREAKING ** confirmed by latest weather events in Europe

GULF STREAM Animation - two days interval...
... now confirmed by latest Europe temperature data, as revealed first by Matt Marriott.

(1) - see my post about Russia records in the Day of the Holy Spirit, May 28:

(2) May 29, 2007
Germany - several stations have already set new all time precipitation records (for example Hannover, with reliable records dating back to 1860)....
and yet the same stations record mean monthly temperatures in top five ever.
BTW, the HORRIBLE TRUTH about global dimming - If airplane traffic ceased today, global termperature would rise 1°C within two days. And this would mean..
For the big picture, it's NOT only the vanishing Gulf Stream. It's also the changes in the sun, as we are now in stage 3 of climate change. see (5).


(4) Munich, Germany - temperature: 4 days after all time record HIGH... all time record LOW (both for second May half, i.e. May 16 to May 31)
May 25, 2007 - above the 30°C barrier, all time record HIGH, thanks to Eastern Heat
May 29, 2007 - below the 10°C barrier - all time record LOW... and where is the air coming from?


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May 1, 2007

The THREE stages of Climate Change - revealed worldwide first

Stage 1: until early 2004. Cause: Human Destruction of Balance of Creation (CO2, ozone hole, etc).
Global temperature: 0.7° C, from 1990 to 2004.
Changes in local climates due to changes in precipitation patterns.

Stage 2: 2004-late 2006: changes on the sun - sunspots, etc.
Global temperature: increase of 0.5°C. However we can not tell the temperature change due to changes in the sun alone, because of changes related to human causes (global dimming, ozone hole, etc).

Stage 3: mid 2006 until now, i.e. May 2007- Sun orbit changed, CLOSING in on Earth. (1).
Global temperature: increase of at least 1°C. Some areas see temperatures rise by more than 2° C  (2).
"Coincidentally" the rise of temperatures in Germany is second to none. The Germans, once again, get a preview of Humans beginning to burn on Earth before the descent to Hell (3).
But for them, the third time is also the FINAL DESCENT into the Lake of Fire.

(1) Sun closing in on Earth

(2) Unprecedented April 2007: Can someone teach the UK Met Office how to calculate a climate average?

(3)  Guido Knopp and the History of Descent into Hell

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