Post-Acceptance of the Mark - HORRIBLE TRUTH about Irony of God - Slowly Burning on Earth before the FINAL DESCENT into the Lake of Fire

May 1, 2007

The THREE stages of Climate Change - revealed worldwide first

Stage 1: until early 2004. Cause: Human Destruction of Balance of Creation (CO2, ozone hole, etc).
Global temperature: 0.7° C, from 1990 to 2004.
Changes in local climates due to changes in precipitation patterns.

Stage 2: 2004-late 2006: changes on the sun - sunspots, etc.
Global temperature: increase of 0.5°C. However we can not tell the temperature change due to changes in the sun alone, because of changes related to human causes (global dimming, ozone hole, etc).

Stage 3: mid 2006 until now, i.e. May 2007- Sun orbit changed, CLOSING in on Earth. (1).
Global temperature: increase of at least 1°C. Some areas see temperatures rise by more than 2° C  (2).
"Coincidentally" the rise of temperatures in Germany is second to none. The Germans, once again, get a preview of Humans beginning to burn on Earth before the descent to Hell (3).
But for them, the third time is also the FINAL DESCENT into the Lake of Fire.

(1) Sun closing in on Earth

(2) Unprecedented April 2007: Can someone teach the UK Met Office how to calculate a climate average?

(3)  Guido Knopp and the History of Descent into Hell

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