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Jun 23, 2007

The SHEEP SHALL NOT panick! New Age - Official Climate Data revealed worldwide first

Basic climate data vs. the rest of the manufactured official data
From the "booming" economy indicators to "still increasing" life expectancy and global oil output, official data in Illuminatiland is systematically and grotesquely hoaxed.
Basic weather data, i.e. daily maximum and minimum temperature and precipitation, is the exception.

Climate Data, "Information Age" and Reductionism
Using this data and using a calculator ANYONE is able to compute climate averages for a chosen period.
In the "Information Age", there is only one site in Illuminatiland that gives you the possibility to do all of this with just a few clicks for stations around the world.

Climate Data, Climate Change and Reductionism
Climate change reduced to the most simple data means comparing TWO values A and B for basic weather data (monthly or yearly temperature or precipitation averages):
- A: average data for the current period
- B: the extrem value for the previous period.
If A greater or smaller than B then the question is not if it might happen, since it means it is now a reality.

New Age and End Times Prophet
It requires only a few clicks to prove that the new age has arrived to some parts of the world. And yet again, End Times Prophet was the only to do it.

Climate Data proving Climate CHANGED - presented worldwide first time by End Times Prophet
While the illuminati agencies continue to feed the sheep with "alarming data" which in fact means NO CLIMATE CHANGE, i.e. "temperature increase of 0.5°C in the last years" or " "temperature increase of 1°C in 2050 "... hundreds of millions are NOW already living with a new climate.

Example for parts of Europe - Ukraine and Romania
These areas play a key role in the global cereal supply, coming second only to the Canada and US prairies.
Key month of June - monthly mean maximum temperature
Station: Bucharest/Baneasa.
Mean Value for current period (1999 -2007): 28.3°C (1)
Extrem Value in June *for previous period (1982 - 1998): 27.7 (1997). (2)

(1) June 2007 so far 30.8°C, highest ever recorded.
(2) More data about previous period (1982*-*1998)
Extrem Value in June: Second highest value was 27.5 (1995).
Averaged Value in June ( 1982*-*1998) :*26.3*°C, i.e. average temperature increase of 2°C.

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